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Sge Queue Error State


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Sometimes this is not exactly what you are interested in: E.g. Verify that the file or directory in question exists, i.e., you haven't forgotten to create it and you can see it from the head node. This document is an industrial compilation designed and created exclusively for educational use and is distributed under the Softpanorama Content License.

Otherwise, this requires special approval of the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC). Jobs can not run because available slots combined under PE are not in range of job 23147, 23145, 22678, 22986, 22470, 22471, 22936, 22937, ... Last modified: November 10, 2014 Frequently Asked Questions From ACENET Jump to: navigation, search Contents 1 General errors 1.1 "Fsync failed" 1.2 Quota reached 2 Running jobs 2.1 "Error: No suitable We also have our head node as execute node. http://gridscheduler.sourceforge.net/howto/troubleshooting.html

Sge Clear Error State

There are no jobs in the queue . if it needs to print something after the failed command. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Here is the output of the > qstat -explain E command. > > I have checked the RAM is consumable and also updated correctly.

Since both the queue and the job error state result from a failed job execution the diagnosis possibilities are applicable to both types of error states: query for job error reason If a job is both sus- pended explicitly and via suspension of its queue, a following unsuspend of the queue will not release the suspension state on the job. -usq If Disclaimer: The statements, views and opinions presented on this web page are those of the author (or referenced source) and are not endorsed by, nor do they necessarily reflect, the opinions Sge Queue Instance Dropped Because It Is Full I need to change the order of my waiting jobs You can shuffle the order of your own jobs with the "job share" option to qalter or qsub.

Options -c Note: Deprecated, may be removed in future release. Dropped Because It Is Temporarily Not Available Similarly qrstat(1) provides information on advance reservations which may block jobs; also qhost -q indicates advance reservations (but not resource reservations) on hosts. If applied to queues, unsuspends the queues and any jobs which might be active. http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19957-01/820-0699/auto40/index.html administrator abort mail An administrator can order admistrator mails about job execution problems by specifying an appropriate email adress (see under administrator_mail in Grid Engine sge_conf(5) Man Page ).

Make sure your firewall has a hole on that port, that the routing is correct, that you can ping using the good old ping command, that the qmaster process is actually Collecting Of Scheduler Job Information Is Turned Off Grid Engine can be asked for the reason: qstat -j If enabled qstat -j provides the user with information enlisting the reasons why a certain job has not been You can use PayPal to make a contribution, supporting development of this site and speed up access. might be active. -us Note: Deprecated, may be removed in future release.

Dropped Because It Is Temporarily Not Available

Myrinet endpoints, Fluent licenses) may not be available. https://www.ace-net.ca/wiki/FAQ The default values are listed here. Sge Clear Error State A queue enters the error state when Grid Engine tried to execute a job in a queue, but it failed for a reason that is specific to the queue. Queue Instance Dropped Because It Is Full If no administrator mail is available, you should investigate the qmaster messages file first.

Here is how. Please use the -sj or -sq switch instead. Other issues Obscure exec messages from the shepherd If jobs fail to start correctly with a message (perhaps truncated) in the shepherd output about failing to exec the script, or some Requires manager/operator privileges. -help Prints a listing of all options. -r Note: Deprecated, may be removed in future release. All Queues Dropped Because Of Overload Or Full

Files //common/act_qmaster Sun Grid Engine master host file See Also sge_intro(1), sge_ckpt(1), qstat(1), queue_conf(5), sge_execd(8), sge_types(1). In addition the level of detail in which debug information is generated is defined. SGE_DEBUG_LEVEL If set, specifies that debug information should be writ- ten to stderr. If you think you know why, resubmit with a larger value for h_rt.

You may be able to increase your job's likelihood of being scheduled if it requires only few resources by reducing the job's memory requirements. Sge Dropped Because It Is Full The stderr and stdout streams can be merged with the following option in your submission script: #$ -j y This will yield two files .o and .po instead of four. To address a Sun Grid Engine cell qmod uses (in the order of precedence): The name of the cell specified in the environment variable SGE_CELL, if it is set.

Information from those commands is generated normally by the scheduler and takes the current utilization of the cluster into account.

There may not be enough slots in the time-limit queue (medium.q, long.q) your job qualifies for. For example if a queue appears to be suspended but the job execution seems to be continuing the manager/operator can force a suspend operation which will send a SIGSTOP to the The grid engine system offers a set of possibilities for users and administrators to gather diagnosis information in case of job execution errors. Jobs Can Not Run Because Queue Instance Is Not Contained In Its Hard Queue List In order for a job to be rescheduled, it or the queue in which it is executing must have the rerun flag activated. (See -r option in the qsub(1) man page

User abort mail. The grid engine system offers a set of possibilities for users and administrators to gather diagnosis information in case of job execution errors. A queue enters the error state when the grid engine system tries to run a job but fails for a reason that is specific to the queue. My job is stuck in the 'dr' state Sometimes users find their jobs being stuck indefinitely in the dr state.

Please > > help > > us in this regard. > > We would highly appreciate your suggestions. > > Many thanks in advance. > > > > With best regards, Job or Queue in error state E Job or queue errors are indicated by an E in the qstat output. I can see if I can reach exec node kosh like this: $ qping kosh 537 execd 1 but why would you do such a crazy thing? If your job has been terminated unexpectedly (for example it has exit_status 137 in the 'qacct' records) and it did not violate the run-time limit (h_rt) then it may have violated

A higher priority job may be reserving slots for a large parallel run. There may be times when the cluster is busy and you will be required to wait for resources. This monitoring can be enabled/disabled as it can cause undesired communication overhead between Schedd and Qmaster (see under 'schedd_job_info' in Grid Engine sched_conf(5) Man Page ). A job enters the error state when the grid engine system tries to run a job but fails for a reason that is specific to the job.

You can determine the vmem available on various hosts with $ qhost -F h_vmem or you can see how many hosts have at least, say, 8 gigabytes free with $ qhost Note that the accounting file may be rotated, so information on old jobs may require an older version of the accounting file if the job concerned was run near the time See under administrator_mail on the sge_conf(5) man page.