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The number of items in the collection returned is limited to 50 by default with a maximum value of 200. Try out the Client-side auth flow Server-side Web Applications To authenticate your server-side web application using one of our SDKs, create an instance of the Soundcloud class with the API credentials Below is an overview of what those codes mean, along with some suggestions that might help you fix things. 400 Bad Request This is likely to be caused by a programming A good tutorial to go through is here: https://developer.amazon.com/public/community/post/TxDJWS16KUPVKO/New-Alexa-Skills-Kit-Template-Build-a-Trivia-Skill-in-under-an-Hour Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Is there anything different about how you're executing the request in this case? Step 1 : CanShare...? I did try to follow the debugging steps by uncommenting line 18 in Debug.h, but that line was already uncommented out for me. You can only add sounds that you own to a set and a sound can belong to multiple sets.

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Sign in to comment Contact GitHub API Training Shop Blog About © 2016 GitHub, Inc. Click the "Test" button and see what the logs say. (If you have to configure, use the standard "skill init" template, or you can paste what the simulator sends from developer.amazon.com.) title: 'This is my sound' }); If successful, your track will immediately be queued up for encoding. I saw a bunch of data spit out when Twitter posts, however when Facebook just hangs there, I don't see any output in the console.

Ausführliche Informationen findest du in der Referenzdokumentation.Nicht in Batches enthaltene FBSDKGraphRequests verwenden automatisch FBSDKGraphErrorRecoveryProcessor, sodass vorübergehende und behebbare Fehler automatisch einen (einmaligen) erneuten Versuch verursachen. samiibnauf closed this May 21, 2012 Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. VilemKurz commented Feb 26, 2014 check the answer of @troppoli in #851. Cocoapods Sharekit We're sorry.

Anybody, Pls help. Pagination This section presumes you have: Registered your App Most results from our API are returned as a collection. Mobile optimized connect screen. http://twittercommunity.com/t/could-not-authenticate-with-oauth-response-error/5775 Additionally, I did not have to set up any Twitter ID or anything like that, it simply accessed Twitter from my phone and posted that way, and it worked just fine.

For full details, see our oEmbed reference. Sharekit Facebook In this section: HTTP Status Codes Ruby Python JavaScript require 'soundcloud' # create a client object with your app credentials client = Soundcloud.new(:client_id => 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID') # try to get a track There are five methods you can call on your own service class: [self sendDidStart]; This notifies ShareKit that you have started sending the item. Print the digital root How to explain centuries of cultural/intellectual stagnation?

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If the user approves your authorization request, they will be sent to the redirect_uri you specified when registering your app. You check the state property of the track resource to check its progress. What Is Sharekit You should be familar with accessing the information stored in SHKItem so your service can use it correctly. Sharekit Free Download To help you get started quickly, SDKs are available for Python, Ruby, JavaScript.

vorübergehend, behebbar, andereFBSDKGraphRequestErrorGraphErrorCodeDer Graph API-FehlercodeFBSDKGraphRequestErrorErrorSubcodeDer Graph API-FehleruntercodeFBSDKGraphRequestErrorHTTPStatusCodeKeyDer von der Graph API zurückgegebene HTTP-StatuscodeFBSDKGraphRequestErrorParsedJSONResponseKeyDie JSON-Rohantwort von der Graph APINSError-Instanzen können darüber hinaus Daten enthalten, die das informelle Protokoll NSErrorRecoveryAttempting einhalten. Weitere Informationen findest du unter Graph API, Umgang mit Fehlern.FehlerbehebungNSError-Instanzen können darüber hinaus Daten enthalten, die das informelle Protokoll NSErrorRecoveryAttempting einhalten. astanton commented Feb 25, 2014 I thought you had to override the getFBAppID functions in the subclass, instead of filling it out in the code in the DefaultSHKConfiguratior class. or its affiliates. Sharekit 2

Our SDKs will wrap this in an exception that you can catch and choose how to handle. Special Edition Using Solaris 9 is intended to be a one-stop, in-depth reference guide to Solaris 9. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Sharing with facebook using Sharekit giving Application Response Error up vote 2 down vote favorite 1 I am using share kit to Ruby Python JavaScript require 'soundcloud' # create a client object with access token client = Soundcloud.new(:access_token => 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN') # get the latest track from authenticated user track = client.get('/me/tracks', :limit =>

Playing Sounds This section presumes you have: Registered your App Yep, you can also play sounds from your application. Sharekit Tutorial It has been tested in the worlds largest data centers. Search This section presumes you have: Registered your App Resources such as sounds, users, sets can be searched using our API.

Only facing the error when calling sharekit's followMe method, which is making the above request.

If all you need is a way to send a few parameters to a specific URL and get the response, the SHKRequest object will help you get started quickly. - (BOOL)send It still just hangs. This step is different depending on the type of service you are creating (action, web, web w/ OAuth). Sharekit Download Here is a quick overview of what happens when a user clicks a share button that is hooked up to ShareKit.

Please note that at this time it is not possible to update the actual track audio file. Die anderen Login-Verhalten stellen automatisch geeignete Informationen im Login-Dialog bereit.Verhalten bei abgelehnten BerechtigungenHierbei handelt sich technisch gesehen nicht um eine Fehlerbedingung, da keine NSError-Instanz zurückgegeben wird. So if anyone has any suggestions for that I'd be greatly appreciative! I explicitly set - (NSArray*)facebookListOfPermissions in my inherited configurator file .

On every public track your app uploads, you can choose to share it to one of the connected social networks. Here you should do whatever is necessary to send the item to your service or perform the required action. This error set your application type to browser and define a callback url. This creates a seamless, one click experience for your users and give your app an easy way to upload sounds, make comments or otherwise act on a user's behalf.

Wenn die Kategorie (FBSDKGraphRequestErrorCategoryKey) „vorübergehend“ oder „behebbar“ lautet, enthält der Fehler userInfo Folgendes: Fehler Beschreibung NSRecoveryAttempterErrorKeyEin Behebungsversucher, der sich an hält, das wiederum das informelle Protokoll einhältNSLocalizedRecoverySuggestionErrorKeyEine lokalisierte Meldung We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. A list of networks that a user has connected to their account is available using the /me/connections endpoint. Step 4 : Sending the item Finally, ShareKit will attempt to send the item by calling -(BOOL)send.

Our Terms of Service specify that you must use the Connect with SoundCloud screen unless you have made a separate arrangement with us. Most ShareKit services support offline sharing. As for the stack trace of the Twitter related crash, I can't get it to happen again. It stores everything there is to know about something that is being shared.

As for Twitter, the very first time I tried to share to Twitter, it gave me the notification that it was going to access my Twitter account, and I clicked OK Facebook hangs like it does on my phone, but Twitter is now crashing her phone. Most implementations will not call this. We support the following formats: AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR and WMA.

Trying to share Twitter gives me an EXC_BAD_ACCESS(code=1, address=0xcc) error on line 182 of SHKiOSSharer.m. In authorizationFormValidate, you will validate the form data and then send a request to your server to verify the provided credentials are correct.